How A Hog Roast Can SAVE You Money. 
Picture the scene, after weeks of searching and what feels like endlessly trudging from venue to venue you have finally found your perfect wedding reception venue.

Everything feels right. There is room for the band you want, room for guests to dance, the venue fits your style and the room hire meets your budget. Until...

Let me tell you a little story my cousin told me. My cousin, James, and his wife-to-be found a local golf club which could accommodate all of the guests they wished to feed at the main meal and would be big enough for all of the extra guests who would be attending the evening reception.

James told me things were going well. Almost too smoothly. They both liked the proposed menu, they both liked the wines which were offered, they both even thought the cost of the main meal was acceptable and was fitting within their budget.

"We said we wanted a hog roast in the evening for all of our guests. They said they could do it and then told us what we wanted was going to be nearly £15 per head. There was no way we were going to pay that for the 300 guests we had planned on feeding."

James continued "We were shocked. We had our hearts set on the golf club and a hog roast but on top of the main meal it would have cost us nearly eight grand (£8000) all in!"

This is where James used the power of negotiation to his advantage. "We already know how much a hog roast costs so we said 'We can't afford that much. Can we get our own [hog roast] caterer in?' The golf course said 'No'. I then told them 'We'll have to cut our number on the main course to 50 guests'. All of a sudden, they said we could have our own [hog roast] caterer in as long as we didn't reduce the number for the main meal".

James told me that his hard bargaining saved them over £3000.

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